Why We Love St. Joseph Bay (And You Should, Too!)

What’s the big deal about St. Joseph Bay, and why should I be so interested in seeing it?

Well, if you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit Port St Joe, or what we call Florida’s little slice of paradise, you’d understand why locals and guests absolutely love St. Joseph Bay. It has been greeting adventures, explores, sportsman & sightseers for years, and continues to mesmerize and captivate those to enjoy all it has to offer. You have 15 miles of pristine bay that stretch from Cape San Blas to Mexico Beach, and clean gulf saltwater that allows you to see a clear view of the thriving habitat of numerous sea creatures, grasses, and sandbars.

Not only is the bay a haven for aquatic life, it’s also one of the most peaceful and tranquil places you’ll ever visit. Known for being the champion of sunsets, there is nothing more beautiful than when the sun sets over the horizon and melts into St Joseph Bay.

Can you tell we love St. Joseph Bay yet? If you’re still skeptical or wondering if you’ll come to love the bay as much as we do, here are a few reasons to help ease your mind.

It’s Adventurous


If you’re more of the “doer” personality type, then you’ll love exploring the vast watery domain of St. Joseph Bay. Kayaking, paddle boarding, diving, and snorkeling are just a few of the many aquatic activities you can do in this beautiful estuary. If you don’t have any of these items or just don’t have the room, places like Scallop Cove rent these items for you to enjoy. And if you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can rent a boat from Seahorse Safari to explore even more of the bay.

It’s Exciting

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What’s so exciting about St. Joseph Bay? You never know what you’ll find… or see. The bay is teeming with aquatic life, so get ready to spot all kinds of fish, seashells, seahorses, and even dolphins – there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a dolphin right?! Schedule a guided eco-tour with Happy Hours Kayak & Bike Outpost an experienced a kayak lead tour pointing out the treasures of St. Joe Bay and its history. But don’t worry, this isn’t a boring lecture tour. It’s a hands-on, touch-and-feel learning experience.

It’s Unforgettable


With so much to offer the whole family, St. Joseph Bay is the perfect place to create life-long memories and year round family traditions. Take a quick weekend getaway or a weeklong vacation, and come explore this tucked away destination. Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals offers a fantastic selection of vacation homes right on the bay, or within short driving distance to this pristine body of water. Perfect for adults and children alike, the undersea world of St. Joseph Bay will fascinate any nature lover.

Don’t forget about the Scallops!

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Who could forget the # 1 reason for visiting St. Joseph Bay…scallops! Grab your snorkel, mask, fins and a mesh bag and go scalloping! Take the family and have fun snorkeling around and looking for the blue “eyes” around the outer edge of the scallop’s shell. When you spot one, it’s really exciting! Just reach down and scoop it up. You can scallop for fun and return your catch to repopulate the area or keep your catch for a delicious dinner. The 2016 Scallop Season for St. Joseph Bay will be delayed and shortened to open August 22nd through September 5th, and regulations only allow 40 scallops per person and 200 total per vessel. But never fear, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission continues to explore additional measures to collecting and capturing supplementary scallops in cages prior to August 22 to better ensure a successful restoration.

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